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Blackboard is moving all Learn videos to YouTube.

The existing links to the Learn 9.1 videos on the On Demand Learning Center will remain live, but the On Demand landing pages will soon redirect to, where you'll find the YouTube playlists for students and instructors.

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Integrate Web 2.0 Tools into Blackboard Learn

Engage your students by adding new ways to communicate and collaborate to your course. This short document describes and rates the ease of use for 14 free Web 2.0 tools.

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This movie highlights the advantages of including Web 2.0 tools in your Blackboard Course. Best practices for using Web 2.0 tools is covered as well as how to add them to a course.

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Getting Started with Interactive Tools

Discover the differences among Blogs, Journals, Wikis, and the Discussion Board and how to use each tool affectively in your course.

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Using the Discussion Board

Managing Group Work

Blogs and Journals


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